Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dave Roefaro-King of Kings

It's Christmas Eve and I promised myself no more Roefaro-inspired political blogs. However, when I read on the OD website the comments made by "HRH Dave," I just could not pass it up!

"When you are the king, everyone wants to kill the king. I don't want to be king. I want to stand next to the king."

Yes friends, that is apparently the quote, as reported by the OD, that our mayor said in his farewell speech to the common council.

I know. I could not believe it either.

As I thought about it further, however, it makes perfect sense. It reflects the extreme hubris and sense of entitlement that is the hallmark of the Roefaro administration. A man who fancies himself to be the "KING" certainly cannot waste his time ruling over the peasant population of a place like Utica.

No sir, a King like Dave has to show how Royal he truly is by constantly visiting other places, like the kingdom of Las Vegas. While there, he can be pampered by a bevy of "ladies in waiting" and, while wearing the suitably monogrammed royal terrycloth robe, walk up and down the red carpeted halls of the Bellagio or some other royal palace.

After that exhausting state visit, he can spend some quality time in one of the small royal principalities of the Kingdom of Florida. While there, he can work on his tan (looks good  in royal photo-ops) spend time on the yacht of one of his many Duke friends, and possibly fit in a few rounds of the most royal game of golf.

But, even a hard working man like our very own King Dave has to return to the kingdom eventually. Not before one of his many state visits to the truly important Kingdom of Albany, where he is revered as one of the favorite rulers of the state. While there, he can put his royal connections to work bringing home the vast amount of riches that he has delivered to our grubby, grateful little hands.

But, alas all fairy tales must end. Now, King Dave has announced that he doesn't really want to be King after all. He has abdicated the throne. No more riches. No bejeweled roundabouts, a harbor that will never see a royal yacht. It's back to reality for us, the commoners of Utica.

Now, we must be content to be ruled by a non- royal. A common, everyday man. Why, even Diana, heir to the throne of Poland, fled her palace to avoid this cruel, wicked fate.

And, what about our soon to be former King? Where will he end up? What will his future be?

History has repeated this story many times. From Czars, to Sultans, to Kings, they have all ended up in the same place.

Farewell King Dave!

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