Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Mayoral Election

As a former office holder (Utica Common Council 5th district representative 1991-1994 At large 1994-1996) I am very interested in the outcome of this years election. And, contrary to some posts and rumors, I am not supporting any particular candidate! I am a registered Democrat and Have known Rob Palmieri and his family for many years. I also have known the Republican candidate Mike Cerminaro, having served on the Common Council with both candidates and was a fellow department head with them in City Hall for many years.
I am looking forward to examining both of their platforms and suggestions that they will have for the future of our city.
Bob Cardillo,  having lost the Republican primary, will however still appear on the Conservative and Independence lines, still has a chance to win the electorate over with his ideas and platform. Winning the election on these lines is a long-shot but Utica is always unpredictable-anything is possible!
Rainbow Party candidate Sanita and Green Party candidate Clemente are trailing in the distance.  With a 5 way race and the generally unhappy voting populace I would not rule anything out!
Coming up: an examination of why Utica is in the condition it is and how to turn it around.

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