Sunday, November 6, 2011

Election Day Is Almost Here-Will You Vote?

Well, the time has come folks! Election day in Utica is just two short days away. Will you vote?

In Tunisa, almost 85% of the population just voted for new leaders for the first time in their history. We will be lucky to have 20% of registered voters turn out.

This is a truly pivotal and important election. We have to select a leader from five candidates that are vying for the Mayor's office. All five of these men claim to have a plan to revive our city and bring us out of the darkness that has enshrouded our progress for so long.

Can they do it? Or is this just another ego-fest that soothes the insecurities of the kind of people that seek elected office in our town? You know the type-power hungry megla-maniacs that use the Mayor's office as a means to control, profit and preserve the status quo. Remember, the fish rots from the head down!

Take a close look at the platforms of each candidate and you will discover no real solutions being presented here, but rather each man is presenting himself as the person with the most experience and insight to solve our woes.

None of it will matter if you do not vote.

The margin of victory will come down to just a few votes. Make sure yours is in there.

See you at the polls!

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