Saturday, January 7, 2012

"On Bobby and Linda"- Dan Minor loves to talk about us!

Dan Minor posted a blog on the website with the above title. In it he reveals that we applied for our "old jobs" at city hall.

That's not entirely correct. I sent a resume and correspondence to then Mayor-Elect Palmieri several weeks ago, well before he was sworn in. In it, I detailed my relevant experience, vision for the city and offered my services if they were needed. I never, EVER asked for a specific job, especially the Urban & Economic Development Commissioner position!

Why not, you may ask? I must admit, I did enjoy the job-for a while. Trouble is, it's a no-win position. There is really very little money to undertake any meaningful economic development. That means the Commissioner gets blamed for every company that closes, goes bankrupt or leaves the city. Not a great way to make a living, I would say.

Now Linda is another matter. Why would anyone take a person with the years of institutional knowledge and expertise that she had and do to her what the previous mayor did is a mystery. And, possibly one of the most foolish things that ever happened in a very foolhardy administration such as our previous one was. So, my advice to the current leader would be-grab her if you can! No one in town has the ability to handle the Corporation Counsel Office as well as Linda Fatata can.

So, there it is folks. Not very exciting. Now, lets stop talking about the past, and work on the here and now. We have so many huge problems that everyone who is willing to work for the betterment of our city should be included.

Yes, even Linda and Bobby!

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