Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dan Minor's Blog featuring comments from "Garbageman."

Dan Minor, citybeat reporter for the O.D. has a well written, insightful and oft times perceptive take on  city government. I got to know "Diggin Dan" ( not to be confused with Digger Dan) during my three most recent years in city hall. A pretty cool guy. But, don't let that placid exterior fool you. He didn't get the "Diggin" nickname for nothing!

Dan has reported all the news during the Roefaro take-down of Utica! He only missed one story-The Growest Scandal!  Poor Dan FINALLY got to take a vaca from the dysfunction and hijinx of 1 Kennedy Plaza and how is he rewarded? We schedule the blow-the-lid off press conference while he is on the road!

In any event, I didn't set out to give a history of Dan's experiences in city hall. I was checking his blog out and, of course, the number one comment was posted by my biggest fan, "Garbageman."

I wonder, who is this guy (or lady) and why does he have such a, well let's just say, a rather colorful opinion of me? I admire his obsession and I hope that he is never dissapointed by me. I mean, if I was perfect what the heck would he have to write about?

I have a couple ideas of the "Identity" of my cyber-stalker. You see, when you want to be completely anonymous, and yet you have such deep seated emotions about your subject, you always slip a bit here and there.

And Garbageman has slipped on the bananna peel that fell from his can a few times now.

I am always amused by his "I know you are but what am I" style of criticism. He is angry, bitter and probably a lonely little man who feels that anyone in the public eye deserves his brand of belittlement.

I wonder, if Garbageman  redirected that energy to an activity that could benefit the city, maybe he would feel less anger and frustration over the sad state of our hometown. Maybe he could come out of the shadows of his dark and creepy blogosphere and shine the light of positive, redirected energy on the areas that need it the most.

Nah. On second thought, stay where you are, my purveyor of all that is negative and trashy and bad. I have come to rather look forward to your ramblings of miscontent.

Especially when the subject is...yours truly!

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