Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Polish Princess" spokesperson responds to criticism

Today, it was reported in the O.D. that Frank Coiro, spokesperson for the "Princess" is aghast as to why anyone would be upset by the destruction of the Mattison Mansion interiors. "It's our stuff," he reportedly said. "We can do anything we want with it."

That shows the true carpetbagger nature of this duo. Blow into town, expect the citizenry to fall at your feet and throw money at you because you are "royalty."

Are they serious? The problem from the beginning was that the woman claiming to be a Princess never really was able to prove it. She had some very impressive photos taken with some very important people. But, her supposed lineage to any royal family was blurry and it seemed that what she really wanted was to be financially supported by the people of Utica in the same way she had been supported by her Hong Kong connections.

And who are these Hong Kong billionares anyway? Why would they buy a house for 200k-cash?
And then let a woman without the means to take care of it live there? Its a story that could only happen in Utica!

Now, Lenska, Coiro and their "Staff" have scurried away to an undisclosed location, leaving the house virtually abandoned, it's precious artifacts crated up and shipped off for auction somewhere. They are going to reestablish her "Royal Embassy" somewhere in Europe.

Mr. Coiro is outraged that I made a big deal about it. He blames me for the uproar in the community. If I had not showed up when I did, they could have mysteriously dissapeared into the night and no one would be the wiser.

As luck would have it, I did show up, and now everyone knows the destruction they left behind. Hopefully, one of the Hong Kong big shots will step in and make things right. They did finance this mess in the first place.

Sorry Frank, you and your "Princess" did not have the right to do what you did. And, hopefully, you will be forced to make it right as well.

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  1. AND "ONLY IN UTICA" do we need to fight battles to save/retain our historic buildings.....most historic places actually think of themselevs as historic....why not "HISTORIC UTICA"?