Saturday, October 22, 2011

Manny's Cheesecake-when will the city act?

Today I drove past the charred debris that is all that remains of the Manny's Cheesecake building. I have one word for this mess-horrifying!

I cannot imagine being forced to live next door to this scene of such total destruction. It is an abonimation that nothing has been done to eradicate the remains of this tragedy, in the most high profile of locations and smack in the middle of the Scenic and Historic District of our city.

Directly across the street the automated bill board still promotes Roefaro and his "Renaissance City."What kind of city leader would allow this condition to remain? Where is the Codes Department?

I love the old saying, "The fish rots from the head down." In this case, it's all that needs to be said. A lame duck administration is the underlying cause of this travesty. Apparenty, no one cares. I wonder, does anyone in city hall even bother to come to work any more?

In the past, the city would adddress the situation by taking the property owner to City Court and pursue reimbursement through an attachment of the proceeds from the insurance settlement. In this case, it was reported that no insurance was held on the property. So what now? Do we just let the rotted, rusted, fetid  garbage and debris just sit there throughout the winter? What about the rats and vermin that is sure to be attracted to this mess? Who is going to step in and provide some LEADERSHIP?

That, my friends, is a dirty word in Utica government. That is the thing that we have lacked for over 40 years in the Mayor's office. Leadership. Loyalty. Love of our city. Ability to achieve consensus and get things done.

We keep electing men whose only goal, it seems, is to move on to higher office. And, all before they actually achieve any sort of meaningfull change here in  the city that we entrust them to run.

So, the corner of the Parkway that for years had a warm, welcoming business on it is now home to the same type of ruins that have been so pervasive throughout our city for far too long. And we sit, dumbfounded, wondering when someone in charge will act. Do something. Make it right.

Hopefully, the next mayor will have a plan and act on these kinds of issues. Until then, we better all hope and pray that we do not need the current one to make a decision on something important that affects our city.

If the mess on the Parkway is any indication of what to expect, we are in deep trouble!

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