Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who's Running City Hall?

Today, while enjoying my morning coffee, I had to endure yet another O.D. article that mentioned how, along with my sister Linda Fatata and Mayoral Candidate Rob Palmieri, I was FIRED from my job as UED Commissioner.

Not that I mind being mentioned or blame the O.D. or the author of the article, Dan Miner. It's just still surreal that Roefaro did what he did. Fire half his staff, that is. And for no apparent reason, for none of the positions have been filled.

Childhood friend and confidante Dan Labella remains firmly in place, although reports vary as to how much time he actually spends in the building in these twilight days of this most dissapointing administration.

The soon-to-be ex mayor likes to blather on about how much money he saved by terminating the three of us. Unfortunately, we were the three who spent the most time in City Hall actually working.

Don't stand in the lobby or try to get on an elevator at 4:29-you may be trampled by the exodous of workers literally running from the building!

This post could go on and on about that, but I would rather focus on something more important, a great point brought up by Dan in his article. What does the next mayor plan to do about it?

Ernie Sanita is going to fire every at-will employee. A tantilizing thought, but but probably not going to happen.

Rob Palmieri wants to give every current employee a 4 month grace period to see how they perform. With all due respect to Mr. Palmieri, he had been a departmet heads for many years. He should already know how things work (or don't) in City Hall.

Cardillo wants to let his transition team interview potential candidates and whittle to just three that he will pick from. Great in theory but do we honestly believe his top choices will really be dictated by a team of people that he does not control?

Cerminaro evokes images of the type of administration he wants to have by announcing his department heads will be in "lock step"with what he wants to accomplish.

Green candidate Clemente makes the most sense here whan he simply says he wants to find the most qualified candididates.

None of these five Mayoral wannabes has articulated yet what the vision is that these at-will picks are going to promote.

With time running out, it would be nice to hear what we can expect for the next four years.

Hopefully, it will be something unlike the disaster of the Roefaro years.

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